Joe S. reviewed Qualia Mind

4 months ago

DID NOT notice

DID NOT notice anything that was promised. I stopped my VERY my expensive subscription.

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Joe, our customer support team responded to your email. Thank you. When Neurohacker Collective designed Qualia Mind, our goal was to support a range of what we think of as positive capacities. These are cognitive and emotional qualities that help us become better versions of ourselves in our professional and personal lives. A nootropic compound or formula can rob Peter to pay Paul, so to speak, boosting focus, as an example, but at the expense of patience. We get more done, but we also feel less calm or more irritable. When our team designed Qualia Mind, one of our goals was supporting calm energy and stress resilience. The experiences of calm energy feels very different than the edginess or irritability that can accompany energy drinks. It’s the attention, focus and drive to get things done, but in a more relaxed way. Resilience is the capacity to tolerate stress much better. When stress resilience goes up, the capacity to tap into positive cognitive and emotional qualities also goes up, while the tendency to get mired in more negative responses goes down. This goal was why we included ingredients that support calm energy and stress resilience.

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