Carlos M. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago

Did not work

I had high hopes. I work in a entertainment agency so I need to be in the zone when it comes to getting focused. I thought in the beginning it was working but cognitive memory was not improving as the days went on. Taking it every morning which were hard to swallow with water, It didn’t long for me realize that it wasn’t working the way its supposed to

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Jed S. May 24, 2022

5 stars

Nate S. July 24, 2022

4 stars

Kei T. May 18, 2024

so far so good

able to tolerate product

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Patrick C. March 8, 2020

All Day Energy, Inspiration, Focus

I have been taking Qualia now for about 2.5 weeks. The biggest thing I have noticed so far is consistent, all day energy. I don't seem to be having any crashes. This certainly has to do with a number of factors such as getting enough sleep, eating a mostly plant based diet, avoiding caffeine and ...

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