Keith R. reviewed Qualia Vision | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

don't notice it

no noticeable changes to my vision

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David . June 12, 2021

It works.

It works, for some reason don’t know what it was but my eyes felt better when I took Vision. My vision seems like it’s getting clearer.

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SCOTT M. July 1, 2021

Eye care Supplements.

My eyes were Better when Computer all day to look at Graphs etc..

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Austin S. August 24, 2021

Can't say it works or doesn't work.

I honestly did not notice any effects.

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Matt M. June 12, 2021

Qualia Vision Trial

Although I haven't had noticeable effects that i can feel, my HRV seems to have bumped up a little. Seem to falling asleep faster too.

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