Keith R. reviewed Qualia Vision | Beta Tester

7 months ago

don't notice it

no noticeable changes to my vision

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J. Franklin H. August 25, 2021

Clear, well-rested & protected eyes

This premium formulation provides me with peace of mind that I’m my eyes are protected from the deleterious effects of blue light. My eyes are clear, well-rested, and optimally protected. Furthermore, I’m sleeping much better throughout the night.

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Jerri K. July 18, 2021

Helped with sensitivity

Love this product! I have light colored eyes and they are very sensitive to light. I can feel the difference since starting this product. You can’t put a price on your eye health.

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Joseph K. June 30, 2021

end of the day

made my eye less tired at the end of the day

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Cori C. July 4, 2021

Vision study

Initially my floaters were not as obvious. Things seemed a little brighter and clearer. They pretty much stayed the same from the 1st 5 doses til after all 15

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