Warren W. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

4 months ago


Just received the order, really can’t say anything about it other than, I’m very curious about it and of any effect it may have down the road. Especially with the dosing. Never seen dosing like that. Interesting…

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Rhea H. March 21, 2024

Qualia Senolytic

First dose ( two consecutive days ) was only three weeks ago. I can’t really say I see, or feel a difference yet. I also started Qualia life, Qualia, night, and Qualia skin, around the same time. Over all I feel slightly different, maybe more focused during the day and a bit more relaxed in th...

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Marlene S. December 26, 2023

Just started…a new beginning

I’ve just recently found and began Synolytic. I am very glad, and a bit overly excited, truth be told, to have the opportunity to rejuvenate this body over the coming years. At 73 yrs of life on this planet I’m sure it’s appropriate. Looking forward to begin checking off benefits others have e...

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Anandraj G. October 8, 2022

Qualia is been good

I've been using various qualia products including Senolytic for the last 6 months. In general my mental and physical health has improved during these months. I belelieve qualia products majorly contributed towards it !

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Deann S. June 4, 2022

Qualia Senolytic

Great ingredients and just what my body needed. Thanks Qualia.Quality ingredients and great service.

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