B S. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

Early Stages

I am still in the early stages of testing, but am seeing positive results.

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Charles S. December 30, 2022

5 stars

Spencer S. February 7, 2023

Your Next Step in Wellness

Qualia Mind is a great catalyst in your wellness journey paired with good behaviors in your diet, fitness, and sleep! Time to take it to the next level.

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Geoffrey T. December 12, 2023

Great product great service

I’m 33 years old and I’ve been starting to feel burned out, tired, unmotivated and just overall miserable. I heard about nootropics from a YouTube reel. Hearing great things I decided to start shopping for the best product. I wanted something that had a list of ingredients that’s not proprietary ...

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Kerian D. June 28, 2020


Brain function improving, retaining of information, clearer memory, better focus, overall very happy so far with this product

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