Moody A. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

almost 3 years ago


I have been taking Qualia Mind caffeine free since October 2019. At 71 years, I was noticing a decline in short term memory as well as memory in general. This was subjectively made worse by having a very good memory of having had a good memory. What I noticed with this product was that my short term memory improved. I started remembering passwords that I had to continually look up. I am doing quite a bit of software programming. I noticed that my programming improved as that activity is far more productive with good short term memory - one has to remember what variables hold what values, what functions do what, etc. One thing to note is that I did not follow the recommended dosage. I have been taking just one pill every morning before breakfast. I tend to be a minimalist and sensitive to medications and activating substances such as alcohol. Also, I have a meta principle of steady build up rather than instant response.

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Henry T. February 8, 2022


I was pleasantly impressed by the early results, even taking only one or two capsules. I also have experienced that taking one later in the day can give a little boost in concentration and motivation as well.

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Moshe L. May 13, 2022

4 stars

Brad H. March 13, 2020


The first day I knew it was going to be great. My motivation to get things done is at an all time high. I am really feeling good since starting this and Eternus.

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Spencer W. September 12, 2021

Subtly incredible

Subtly amazing, my focus is slowly becoming unwavering and unbroken

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