Alison B. reviewed Qualia Mind Energy Shot

10 months ago

Energy shot

Cannot stomach a single dose. I can’t get past the taste to do it & then how it lingers

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you. We understand our Energy Shots are not for everyone. The customer support team issued a refund for the latest Shots renewal order for you.

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Emily B. February 2, 2021

Would not purchase!

Took as described daily and could not tell any effect whatsoever. I can usually tell when I've had caffeine-especially if I am having a coffee cup's worth in under 30 seconds. Could not tell anything. Taste was pretty awful too, and *hate* that this has sugar in it.

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Nate L. February 5, 2021

Great product

Clean energy and focus all day unlike anything I’ve ever tried

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sam b. February 8, 2021


Didnt really see a significant amount of energy

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Melanie M. November 18, 2019

No difference

The shots tasted really bad. Definitely needed to chase with another liquid to get rid of the bitter after taste. I was really hoping this would give me a boost during long med school days but I didn’t notice any difference in the two days I took it.

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