Dana M. reviewed Qualia Life

about 1 year ago

Eternus 5day

I didn’t notice a significant difference in energy/vitality from 5 days of use.

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Danielle K. June 25, 2019

Excellent product

I like this product allot and felt the effects almost immediately with increased energy.

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Kylan W. October 30, 2021

4 stars

Dr. Richard P. June 4, 2020

Eternus makes a lot of sense and will help without harm

After carefully and thoughtfully reading through the extensive 20+ page document authored by Dr. Greg Kelly on Eternus, i.e., the logic behind its creation, it made complete sense to put this product in my body. I am 62, feel, and function well, and am committed to doing anything I can to remain ...

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Casey S. January 22, 2021

Eternus Review

Took each morning.. no significant noticeable difference but I’ve felt good each day

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