Todd P. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

almost 4 years ago

excellent, thanks

Helps with clarity of thoughts, memory, concentration—without feeling it any other way—change is subtle but overall profound.

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George M. February 22, 2022

Like nothing else!

When taking a lot of nootropics, sometimes you don’t know what’s doing what until you stop… to my surprise the only nootropic in my long regimen that makes a real difference is Qualia mind!

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Gina M. July 20, 2023


I love you guys very much but I can’t afford you anymore. I broke my hand and I’m not able to work. I wish I was able to get my stuff together and work with you guys on pricing instead I can’t play anymore and I’m very sad because you help me out tremendously.

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Arthur H. October 7, 2021

this i s so good

it works

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Sarah B. March 25, 2020


Incredible product!!!! Staying in flow was effortless.

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