Rob L. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 6 years ago

Exceptional and essential

This product will keep you on your feet all day, with no mid day crash. You will feel motivated and focused without being overly jittery. There is also a heightened mood and outlook on the day while providing a better quality of sleep as well. This is more convenient and effective than the original Qualia.

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Christian M. February 21, 2022

Effects can be subtle

I have to say the first few weeks I had what I felt like were mild to moderate effects, a bit more energy a bit more focus. But the real difference can on the days that I didn't take Mind. Naturally they suggest taking the product 5 days on 2 days off.. so usually those 2 days off are the weeke...

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Desmond K. August 19, 2023

Qualia Mind

Great way to introduce Quality Nootropics into your diet. First thing in the am for me with warm Spring Water, keeps me sharp all day!

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Simran P. February 13, 2024

Brain Power

Dont love the taste of the pills, but they really keep me focused.

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Aston A. February 8, 2023

Very Good

Very good, highly recommend.

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