Andreas R. reviewed Qualia Vision | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Eye health support

This isn't some miracle vision-enhancing supplement, but it helps to relieve some eye strain from staring at screens too long.

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ROXANNE K. May 17, 2023

Vision - Just started with product

I have completed one full month with this product and I'm wondering if it is working. I will need more time to determine it's effects.

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Victor B. October 2, 2021

4 stars

Brandon P. July 1, 2021

No effect yet

So far with this product I haven’t really noticed much. Perhaps longer taking it may have better results.

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Ellen F. July 26, 2021

Colors are enhanced

It can't be just me. Everything is sharper, colors are more enhanced, less blurry. It's like my glasses were cleaned, but I don't wear glasses.

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