Shan M. reviewed Qualia Vision

about 2 months ago

Eyes less strained

I can’t really tell how this is helping me at this stage (3 weeks). I have an astigmatism in both eyes. One worse than the other. But my eyes have been noticeably less strained. More relaxed, and I’m uncertain if my vision has improved in range or if I’m just imagining. Would take longer to know.

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Nikki J. March 19, 2021

Blown away! Upgraded on every level.

I am absolutely blown away by my experience. My eyes no longer feel strained or heavy when I'm working at my computer all day. My productivity and optimism has gone through the roof! I feel an over-all lighter sense of being. The mental, emotional, and physical results are truly something to be e...

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Abednego F. July 16, 2021


It amazing

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Mike S. June 12, 2021

Less Eye Burn

My eyes are no longer burning in the afternoon like they have in the past.

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Kellie Z. July 1, 2021


Hard to say yet as I didn't notice anything instant. I assume it will take more than 2 weeks to see the improvements. I would love it if they work as claimed!

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