Dean J. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago

Financial Analyst

Ordered it from Amazon Australia after the order from Neurohacker direct disappeared. Such a shame they don't offer FedEx priority shipping because, USPS IS A JOKE. When I eventually got it, the first couple of days I tried with a smaller dosage (3 caps) and immediately I felt a little different. Better clarity and focus. Slowly transitioned to the full dose after a week and now I can't imagine life without it. I started a new role recently as Analyst and it's extremely challenging. However, with Qualia Mind, I've been able to keep up and thrive. If you're like me and considering the risk that this product will waste $179 STOP PROCRASTINATING AND JUST GIVE IT A GO. Even if there's a remote chance that it works for you as well as it has for me, the benefits far outweigh the risk.

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Orit A. March 19, 2020


I could feel the benefits of the product, I felt focus, acted on things I postponed for a long time, had aha moments but the caffeine disturbed my sleep. Am now waiting for a Qualia Mind Caffeine free to arrive so I can decide if it’s for me.

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Otilia e. March 19, 2022

5 stars

Gifty J. April 4, 2022

5 stars

trent e. February 28, 2020

It was the best nootropic I have ever tried.

Qualia gave me extreme focus and cleared all brain fog. Its a bit pricey so I wont be able to keep it on hand all the time but I wish I could because it works so good.

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