George A. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

16 days ago

First Dose

A few days after the first dose (6 pills day one, 6 pills day two) and I feel good. I didn't have any side effects and I have a clear head, which is somewhat unusual for me. I recognize it's early on and there's more still to be seen. I have committed to take this for at least 6 doses (6 months).

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Fannie W. April 12, 2023

Great Health Enhancement Potential

t seemed to enhance the effects of my regular supplements. I was energized and alert.

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Annalisa S. July 21, 2023


I was having a bad, painful, low energy day, when I received my first pack of Senolytic. I took the first dose immediately. The next day was a near 180 turn! I had energy, nearly no pain, and wasn't grumpy. Just took the second dose...can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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Stevi F. July 19, 2023

excited for this!

excited to see results for this product. great customer service!

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Jackie H. November 14, 2023

Whoa, really!

I was busy the entire day into the evening without feeling faint. That was my first use of this product. Now I want to order it again to confirm this result.

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