Jaime M. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 years ago

First time user

Just started to take the caps. No change yet

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Andrew J. January 7, 2021

Qualia in your Mind

Acuity and focus, it's off the chart the best. Cannot say enough about Qualia Mind. Thank you NH!!

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Alex H. June 20, 2018


After trying the flagship iteration of Qualia for over a year and having a very positive experience, I decided to give Qualia Mind a try. Just the ease of having one dose to worry about makes the experience even better. I notice marked improvement in concentration, mood, and synesthesia after tak...

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Jeff G. January 21, 2023

First time user

First time user…Quick delivery and looking forward to see the results I get…

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Dallas P. October 3, 2022

Increase the Quality of Your Interactions with the World Around You

I've been a Qualia Mind user since the early days. The product has met and often exceeded my expectations for a powerful but well-balanced nootropic. And the improvements made to the formula have grown and refined its performance over time. Personally, I can perform well without it, but my perfor...

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