Nadine A. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

6 months ago


Helped me focus and was able To skip my coffee for the day. No jitters or crash.

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Meg S. August 19, 2021

Review 1

Good morning lift!

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fernando d. March 8, 2023

Feeling Good

Feeling Good, able to concentrate and stay focus during work and when I have to tackle my school work.

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Cristen M. August 20, 2021

Calm, Focused, & Productive

I am loving Qualia Mind and the clam, productive focus I now have. I take Qualia Mind with breakfast Monday - Friday, as I have found that helps keep me super focused on the task at hand, making my days a lot more productive. I don't physically feel any different, my brain just works more efficie...

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Henry H. May 4, 2021

More energy

Happy more energy and clear headed

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