Hilton T. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

11 days ago

Focus & Energy increased!!

Works as advertised. Extra Focus & Energy noticed from the first use.

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Bjorn R. October 12, 2020

Focus without any feeling of too strong effect

Good focus

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Svetoslav T. January 15, 2020

Wonderful product!

I noticed effects after 1 day of taking this product. I am now able to focus naturally on my daily routine, and spend more quality time exercising and doing the things that matter to me the most. I feel healthier and have more clarity of thought now as well as feeling grateful for accomplishing m...

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cristina v. July 13, 2020

great product

focused less distractions energy in beginning was nauseating but after 2 weeks was all good

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William T. January 19, 2020