Fannie W. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

FOCUS Review

The initial ingestion was quite powerful,feeling both physically and mentally energectic once the brief experience of irritability and impatience had passed. I kept a daily journal to record my physical and mental state as well as the intake of food. Most days I abstained from my usual supplements so that I could get a true reading from the product. The first day I was so driven, along with having such a great mood to complete multiple, manual tasks way over into the night until I had to literally make myself stop, and go to bed. Some nights though I would need to use a sleep aide such as a Tissue Salt,a Magnesium Capsule,or whiffs of an essential oil to stop my racing mind. Although, this wasn't true of all nights nearing the end of the Study. I was amazed when I begin to groom myself daily with glee as opposed to it being the drudgery of any other day without the FOCUS. I found there were times during conversations that I was quite chatty and words flowed quickly...Handling business calls with ease. Yet,there were days when I would be totally unmotivated,feeling mentally and physically dull. Words would not flow.Chores would not get done. There were even moments when I would feel glitches in my short-term memory. (On those days I would add a few of my usual supplements to get a lift, i.e. vitamins,nootropics). I noted in my journal that on the fourth day of the first week,I awakened feeling so strong! Which led me to check the foods that I'd eaten the day and night before. I must say, that I believe that there was/is a connection, because on those days which I wasn't particular about what I ate, I felt the total opposite. So,I think diet could play a crucial part in the effectiveness of this product. Also, I would like to add that during the Study I lost my eldest brother and I do belive that the FOCUS aided me in quelling my emotions and the ruminating thoughts of the situation, enabling me to accept the reality. There were other stressful moments where I was able to maintain my cool as well... Like dealing with utliity service repairmen right before a snow storm,not knowing whether my utilities would be available in time. I did notice the calm that it gave me. Overall, I think FOCUS is a great, physical, and, mental health-worthy product, especially when taken along with a healthy diet. Again, I thank you for allowing me this opportunity. Gratefully, Fannie Wiggins

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