Jacob W. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

19 days ago

Former Weed Smoker

I absolutely love how Qualia Mind is able to regenerate and restore my cognition. I used to be incredibly sharp and then I had for many years abused Cannabis and had found it was harder to recall certain events and even my ability to spell went down. Upon taking Qualia.. It was almost a spiritual experience for me, the first time I took it the evening of I saw auras around plants, it was so cool! Aside from that I can feel a greater sense of mental organization and a MUCH faster recall. This supplement gives me hope that I will be able to much more quickly regain full brain power and even surpass what I thought was possible! Thank you Neurohacker Collective!!

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Marcus C. May 21, 2022


Gives me clear and focused mental energy throughout the day!

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Scott C. December 24, 2019

Seemingly good product - going on month 2

I feel pretty good about the results. Nothing earth shattering but somewhat noticeable results. Please note that 7 pills are the suggested dosage and 7 pills is a lot to swallow. I don't know how long I will be able to keep with that many pills at once but going on month 2.

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Chris P. October 13, 2022

5 stars

Lee B P. October 11, 2019

Great product in the first month!

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