Sheila M. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 6 years ago

Game Changer

I really believe this product helps me focus and be clearer. I would highly recommend it.

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Stephen S. December 5, 2017


Been using the product for two weeks. Still waiting to notice a change in myself.

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Mario P. January 24, 2018

The best i have ever tried

I am taking Qualia about 9 days and i have experience a big deal of energy the only problem i have is i don't get enough sleep and i don't know if i will be able to get all the benefits Qualia has to offer

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Codyt C. January 16, 2018

Best nootropic in my experience

Most nootropics for me had a side effect of jitters, headache, or fogginess. Qualia gave me brain clarity, focus the first day i took it and was sustained for a good 5 hrs noticeably. I haven't felt any "crash" or side effect with the product. I feel it's a really top quality product.

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Tom M. December 13, 2017

Fog Reduction

I've tried so many things to help with the brain fog and fatigue I have been experiences for over 3 years. Qualia is the first thing that has given me a definitive boost. Thanks NHC!

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