Christian T. reviewed Qualia Focus

about 1 month ago

Get In The Zone Quickly

I've been using Qualia Focus for years, it's given me an edge in my career and helped stay in an elevated flow state. It's helped me be in a powerful state and develop important projects. High quality blends and a must have to any serious neurohackers!!

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Uriah H. December 7, 2022



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Jordan F. August 18, 2021

Focus without being wired

Not as much energy as with other products, but that is good in a way. Great focus, but doesn't keep you up so you also have to have a good sleep habit.

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Junaid M. April 15, 2022

In Focus

The focus I was supposed to experience was much more subtle than I expected.

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Marc L. February 12, 2022

Mental clarity and alertness and an increase on overall well-being.

Overall, I have felt an increase in mental clarity and well-being while taking Focus. I have definitely felt sharper than caffeine alone. I would describe it it feeling like I had a week of good sleep, where mental stress and fatigue are massively diminished. It's feels easy and and natural, not ...

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