Junaid M. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

28 days ago

Getting ZZZz with Qualia Night

I feel that my sleep quality was much better than before taking the supplement.

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Paul F. August 12, 2020

Effective, No Negatives

Qualia Night has improved the amount of time that I remain asleep during the night. The product is easy to take, causes no problems with the stomach, and there are no negative side effects. Highly recommended!

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Jesse R. August 9, 2020

Sleep tight

I have been on a quest for better sleep for a very long time. I have tried several “hacks”, supplements, and activities. They certainly did improve but nothing as noticeable as the Qualia Night. Using my Oura ring, Biostrap and whoop device i was able to see noticeable improvements in deep and Re...

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Shannon R. July 13, 2020

Good product

Great product. Did get a headache 2/5 of the days I took it but that could be coincidental. Felt like I got better sleep.

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Ben C. July 2, 2020

ben is awesome

test test test

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