Carlos R. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Good Dreams

I didn’t notice anything except more dream recall

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Steven B. March 18, 2020

Kylan W. July 3, 2020

Five Nights in Qualia..

This did not work for me.

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Michelle R. August 19, 2020

Not quite sure yet

I gave this four stars because I’m not quite sure if I can tell anything yet. I started taking 4 capsules with dinner for just over a week, but at the same time I was trying one other new thing. I have an Oura ring and when I was trying both new things my HRV went down. So I stopped both, waited ...

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Hanna W. September 1, 2020


Best sleep product that I have tried. Works better than combination of other products and methods. Affects during of sleep, duration and quality of Rem and Nrem sleep per Oura ring. Feel rested and refreshed in the morning. Better energy during the following day.

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