Tracey D. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Good for mood and focus!

I feel like it improved my mood, but the effects were not as noticeable as Mind. So I bought more Mind.

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Windell H. December 25, 2022


Brain fog clearing up

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Bruce M. May 20, 2023

Average but worth a shot.

It was easy to take and a reasonable amount and frequency. However I did not gain much benefit from it.

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Andreas R. February 9, 2022

Nice Wake-up Supplement

I noticed stimulation from the Caffeine, but I didn't notice any other effects.

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Christian T. April 24, 2023

Get In The Zone Quickly

I've been using Qualia Focus for years, it's given me an edge in my career and helped stay in an elevated flow state. It's helped me be in a powerful state and develop important projects. High quality blends and a must have to any serious neurohackers!!

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