Daniel H. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

almost 2 years ago

Good product but not for productivity/focus for me.

Im not sure how to score this one, I was looking for something i could take daily to help with focus and productivity at work and in that regard its not exactly what i am after but i have found other uses for it. I find it quite stimulating, with enhanced visual acuity, mood lift (often to the point of euphoria) and a desire to socialise and move my body. When trying to work, if anything i feel a little over stimulated and distracted making the idea of work less appealing. I have found this a good tool for more recreational activities, weekends, looking after the kids, going bush walking, socialising etc, it is quite similar to a small dose of psilocybin. One note, the taste is rather challenging and the repeating fish burps are unpleasant. Taking them after food helps a lot. Definitely worth a go. Qualia Life was more what i was looking for so give them both a try and see what works for you. +1 for excellent and responsive support

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marc s. August 9, 2019

Amazing product

The product is amazing. I’ve been using Qulia for about a year and a half. I notice a difference in sharpness and mental clarity and recall. I really enjoy the caffeine free qualia and still enjoy my coffee or preworkout products.

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Michael P. September 4, 2021

First purchase was a success.

I would recommend it to anyone looking to support a healthy brain.

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Joe M. May 6, 2021


It’s definitely working for memory and sharpness.

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Wil S. January 25, 2022

brain vitamins

effective mental stimulation without feeling jittery

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