Joaquin R. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

over 1 year ago

Good product that I’d give another try.

I felt great the first two days of using the product. I felt focused and was able to work through the day. I seemed to think clearer. The last three days lacked many of the things I felt in the first two days. It wasn’t the same.

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jonathan r. May 4, 2019

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Harold (Todd) F. February 12, 2021

Was excited to participate - never received my shipment

Please note that I did not receive my shipment of this product, therefore I have no real ability to provide feedback on it.

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Tabatha J. February 29, 2020


Tried for the first time today, about 3 hrs ago after a night with only 4 hrs sleep. No jitters, no upset stomach like the usual large amounts of coffee I drink give. Seems subtle however I feel really good! Alert, in a good mood, feel like a got a good nights sleep! Tastes like childs grape coug...

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Andrew K. May 4, 2019

Energy Shot

Laser focused

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