Mason R. reviewed Qualia NAD+ | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Good Stuff!

Only used it for 10 days…starting feeling results around the week mark. As with anything, the loading phase takes a bit, but the wait is worth it.

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Waylon M. May 6, 2024

Life Changing

Started taking NAD+ Along with Senolytic about two weeks ago. My cognitive performance has definitely been more focused and my overall attitude towards life has been amazing.

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Oscar E. May 12, 2024

Good product

I start to feel less tired After couple week's I’m only take two pills in the morning

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Alden R. February 9, 2024

Product Review

I have NAD+, the senolytic and Life - can't wait to see how I feel!

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Philipp M. February 5, 2024

Excellent Customer Service Experience

Very good customer service. Honest feedback and quick response! Would immediately order again… Best

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