Tyler C. reviewed Qualia Mind

10 months ago


I like this product a lot and felt the effects almost immediately.

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Mary B. October 26, 2023

I can feel the difference

Qualia Mind is an awesome supplement. I can actually feel the difference when I use it. I recommend it to anyone who wants better brain focus

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vincent t. July 6, 2023

Where was I without you

This stuff isn't a run-of-the-mill cognitive supplement. I'm talking about a powerhouse of 28 vegan-friendly ingredients! From Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, to Alpha GPC and even caffeine (but you can get a caffeine-free version too). These aren't just fancy names, each ingredient serves a pur...

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Chanik P. October 6, 2023

Really works

Within 20 minutes, I could feel the energy boost. I had mental clarity, focus and improved mood as well. Very good product. Long lasting and no side effects for me.

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Tim W. November 27, 2023

Mental Clarity

Qualia mind helps my focus and mental clarity. Great stuff!

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