Kelly B. reviewed Qualia Resilience

20 days ago

Great Company

Qualia, or Neurohacker, products may be just a bit more of a financial investment, but I believe it to be one of the most well- researched and formulated cognitive supplement lines I have come across. Typically, it's very difficult to assess the efficacy of a supplement product itself (amidst the many that you likely take already as it is), but Qualia has consistently been one of the few brands that I actually *notice* any sort of measurable difference in my focus and energy. Now I just wish I could keep the first- time subscription pricing!

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Russ B. July 14, 2022

Overwhelming Calm & Collectedness

Resilience started working for me on the 3rd day of use as instructed. I felt an overwhelming calm and collectedness, which came over me and finally gave me an opportunity to control and manage a tremendous amount of stress which I endure almost daily during this phase of life. I am now able to d...

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Russell F. December 13, 2022

Cool products

Have been trying out mind, night and resilience for the past few weeks and have been enjoying them so far.

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Dawn M. July 17, 2022

More energy

I have not had the exhaustion I usually have prior to my monthly cycle and my ability to deal with stressful situations seems better.

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Blaine L. June 4, 2023

Seems good

Need but time but it seems to be a quality product so far. I will update.

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