Anthony S. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

16 days ago

Great for Inflamation

Overall worked wonders. Sense of calm and subdued anxiety. But second day dose made me a little tired. Would try on a daily basis. Packaging is cool. But all Qualia products are!

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Chuck G. June 2, 2022


The first day I had more mental clarity at the end of the day. The second day I had an upset stomach.Being a Qualia fan boy, I really wish that I could give an exuberant review. The truth is I didn’t feel anything. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to, I don’t know. I do love Qualia and the very technical ...

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Clyde B. June 7, 2022

Excited to see longer term studies. Lots of promise here.

This is a rigorously researched and well-sourced supplement. I'm super excited about the long-term possibilities for cellular health. The one-weekend-a-month approach to cellular health is super convenient.

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Lisa K. May 31, 2022

Senolytic review

Loved the larger dosages of the ingredients that make a difference! I was able to work out, play drums all night, load & unload musical equipment and wake up the next day fully recovered and ready to go!Love the idea of removing those cells within that are no longer functioning properly as we...

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Kylan W. June 15, 2022


Key Ingredients formulated to clear old cells and rejuvenate the body Easy 2 day cleanse. Love this monthly approach!

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