Justin F. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

Great ingredients, maybe higher dosages

I know that the quality of the products is high and I’m super happy to see celastrus in the formulation but I didn’t experience much benefit.

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Pablo Ruiz P. February 17, 2023


As of my first couple of days, this product seems pretty good

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ali e. April 16, 2022

easy to take

no issues. still would like to think its helping! not sure if its placebo though.

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Katharine S. November 25, 2021

Qualia focus is gold!

Very smooth and subtle. Was a little worried about adding more caffeine to my routine but it had very little affect on my sleep. No added hyper vigilance, just smooth focus throughout the day.

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Terry Y. September 11, 2023

Rare energy

It's a rare thing, getting up early with renewed energy, exercising, all with a keen sense of time and ability to avoid distractions. Focus seems to be working after just 2 weeks. I'll be continuing to take it.

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