Juan R. reviewed Qualia Mind

10 months ago

Great Product

I have been using the Qualia Mind for a couple of months now and I can now write of how great the product is. I Have difficulty concentrating on single tasks. from the moment I started using it, my focus has been on point. I do follow the instructions of stopping for two days which I leave for the weekend. I have also noticed during my fitness sessions I have not needed any pre-workout on most occasions depending on the time of the day. since I take Qualia first thing in the morning and I usually work out around 5 am, I am able to focus more on my workouts and reduce the time I spend at the gym since I do not get distracted so easily. The product itself is great. I took a star off since I am paying HIgh amount with no discount even when it is set up as an automated purchase. It kind of discourages you from continuing using the product or buying from somewhere else than directly from Neurohacker.com.

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Cait H. October 3, 2023


I find this product gives me a great energy boost

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Tracy S. November 27, 2020

Qualia Mind = Enhanced Life

I took Mind for over a year in 2018/19 and experienced measurable upliftment to my mood, energy and brain power. Then 2020 happened and I took a break for many months. I've been back on for about two weeks and what a difference! The fog has lifted and I feel great again!

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Trevor T. July 18, 2021

Top notch

Havent found anything on par with Qualia Mind. Clarity, energy and sense of well-being unmatched by many of the other mind supplements available out there

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Zack B. April 22, 2022


A mus have! Now a regular part of my daily routine and life!

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