Harrison K. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 1 year ago

Great Product

Great product.

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Lilia H. February 10, 2022

Subtle But Powerful

It is subtle but powerful. I'm able to read and absorb what I'm reading.

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David W. June 21, 2023

Great focus and mindfulness

Definitely helps with my focus, and also seems to increase my level of mindfulness.

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Heather F. December 5, 2023

Qualia Focus

Hey there, I have tried so many nootropics, and when I really need to get something done and get in the flow state, I use the Qualia Focus. I am currently in NP school, but I also love this for creative projects. I do not use it every day, and I think that's what makes it really pop when I do use...

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Sergio P. March 20, 2023


Helped me focus in many activities.

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