Brad A. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

about 2 years ago

How much would you pay to be smarter for a while?

For decades I took the hallucinogenic drug marijuana (I was a heavy pot smoker). It gave me neat thoughts, and allowed me to meditate. I spent a lot of money getting high - not necessarily for the good feeling, but to "improve" the function of my mind. I have since quite completely. Now, I still believe that taking supplements is a great way to improve the function of my mind, and I rate Qualia to be the best of those I've experimented with. I am a National Master at chess, and a member of the high IQ society Mensa, as well as a self-described philosopher, so maybe I am more qualified than most to recommend a nootropic. It is a great value, it isn't overwhelming to a high functioning brain (I can watch paint dry, but I have trouble tolerating a high stimulus environment), and it lasts a long time (for me it is my entire waking period). Again, how much money would you spend to get smarter, to jump so you can see above the fence that is normally blocking your vision? One last thing - if I try to run a complex concept past a person, and they don't get it, I normally just give up (I used to try to fit a round peg into a slightly smaller hole, but I had poor results). Imagine just being able to comprehend 1% more. That is the calculus that I use to asset if I ought to spend a portion of my limited budget on Qualia. Gosh one more thing - learn about Stoicism - it is a much better operating system for your mind (this is the advertisement that I get to make in return for my time in writing this comment.

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Francisco C. February 5, 2020

It actually works

I was very skeptic about the benefits described online but after trying it for a month I am convinced this product really works as advertised. The first day I observed myself being a lot more focused and more prompt to continue with conversations during meetings. This now has become the norm for ...

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Nolan H. August 23, 2021

Qualia Mind

It helps me perform at an optimal level each day! Thankful my functional medicine doctor recommended Qualia.

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Inga K. August 8, 2021

Healed my knee

Into 2 month of taking the supplements, my knee which has been damaged from running and in pain for 2 years started to heal and into my 3rd month of Qualia Mind, I can feel it's at about 90% restored! I'm a designer and a software engineer, I originally ordered Qualia to optimize my brain, I ca...

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Scott C. December 24, 2019

Seemingly good product - going on month 2

I feel pretty good about the results. Nothing earth shattering but somewhat noticeable results. Please note that 7 pills are the suggested dosage and 7 pills is a lot to swallow. I don't know how long I will be able to keep with that many pills at once but going on month 2.

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