Jesse E. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

over 2 years ago

I appreciate the product and your companies level of service.

I didn’t really notice much change.

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Jairo C. April 26, 2020

Great product!

The product is amazing!

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Scott S. February 9, 2021

Crystal clear focus

This is hands down one of the best energy booster and cognition enhancer I’ve ever used. The effects are quite noticeable soon after you drink it. Super sharp focus and mental clarity. Doesn’t give me the jitters or anxiety like having too much caffeine does.

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Chris W. February 5, 2021

Too early to tell?

My expectations were that I’d have slightly more mental clarity in the early afternoon as well as an increased ability to focus. For the most part, I didn’t notice a change with the normal amount of brain fog I have in the afternoon. The taste also needs to be retooled. It’s terrible.

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Xiaoyi W. February 28, 2020

Calm and energetic

This product makes me feel calm yet energetic.

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