Gray M. reviewed Qualia Life

about 3 years ago

I can definitely attribute the deeper sleep to Eternus

I felt more cognitive awareness and sharpness along with physical energy. I can also say, I felt like my sleep was deeper. I don’t know if it’s because I had more physical and mental energy during the day that made me sleeper deeper or if it was due to the ingredients. But I felt as if I was sleeping deeper. It was a domino effect for an all around better day and night! Just looking at the ingredients, I can understand why it’s causing such a positive effect on people! Now being off it for a week, I can definitely attribute the deeper sleep to Eternus because I’m back to waking up a couple times throughout the night. Physical energy came in a couple different ways and helped with productivity and my training regimen. I felt the ability to push it a little harder whether it’s in the training session or adding an extra workout. Again, I don’t know if it helps my ability to push harder or helps my ability to recover so I’m able to push harder. Either way..... I love it! Thank you for letting me use the product! I think it’s amazing and will keep using it and encourage other to use it. Keep up the great work!!

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Collin E. September 29, 2018

I have noticed more energy throughout the day. I am able to focus and continue to stay on task.

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Matt D. September 10, 2020

Confidence and Strength

Eternus made me feel like I had extra resilence against the daily stresses in life. I felt like I could be in life's little storms, weather the experience, and still have the energy and motivation to move on through the day. I felt confident and strong!

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Werner M. June 4, 2019

this is a great product ..not cheap but what at what price is your health not important

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Bruce K. January 17, 2021

Eternusly Grateful

Subtle increase in feeling of a robust well being. More energy in sync with other life practices delivering more youthful vigor.

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