Devin W. reviewed Qualia Mind

3 months ago

I love it

This product is exactly what it clams to be and more

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Julie R. June 28, 2022


I am noticing being more clear minded. Hoping to see more clarity after being on this longer.

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Natasza Z. December 13, 2020

Supportive alongside my other mental, physicsal and spiritual hygene practices

I have been taking Qualia Mind for two weeks and so far I sense that it is giving me a subtle and gentle support for mental focus and stamina, not a hyper stimulated, zippy kind of quality. I find that I'm more balanced mentally with an 'I can do it' attitude.

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Prachi Z. October 20, 2022

Great for productivity

Really help me to focus for longer hours

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Hiram A. December 13, 2021

5 stars