Josh K. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

10 months ago

I only used two of the 5 shots. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what, but the shots were very chalky and I did not like the taste. I also felt very little effect. So between the taste and limited effect I don't plan to use the remaining three shots.


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Elizabeth A. December 15, 2019


Neurohacker is great for he mind.The ingredients are natural and they do what they are meant to do.To help you concentrate.Focusing on the important things.Highly recommended to anyone who is in need of more focus in all areas of your life.

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Sean C. November 22, 2020

Qualia mind

Strongly recommend

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Jason M. January 29, 2021

Noticed an onset of effects after about 45 minutes. Felt alert and focused without any jitters.

Solid product!

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Caleb S. July 18, 2020

Caleb Smith

Love it I've used nootropic for about a year now this is by far my favorite

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