Seth L. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 2 years ago

I still haven't noticed anything significant.

I love the concept, and the ingredients, but I'm disappointed that I haven't gotten more of a pronounced effect at this point. I'm not sure why its been so subtle, or even hardly noticeable. I'm torn between wanting a refund and wanting to stay the course to see if the results change.

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Tyler W. December 11, 2017

My go to one stop shop

I'm not going to be able to put this more eloquently than several of the other customers who have reviewed before me, so instead I'll offer this. I have a monthly subscription for Qualia and have for about 6 months. I think my continued return business is all the evidence that one needs when as...

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Will P. November 17, 2017

Good stuff

Basically learned how to play the guitar over night

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Daniel B. December 19, 2017


In a world vying for your attention and money, it is refreshing to find a jewel hiding in plain sight. Qualia exceeds its own definition and in my humble opinion sets a benchmark few others will obtain. A remarkable product.

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Ben F. March 8, 2018

Satisfied customer

Great product for sure...for me it was gradual but now I have a clear mind and feel much more organized mentally!! Highly recommend Qualia to anyone!

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