Sandrea S. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

11 months ago

If Qualia Senolytic makes a discernible difference long term it will be a worthwhile investment.

A product that delivers on its promises in the long term will be worthwhile.

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Darryl R. May 31, 2022

Great first use

I felt more energized and placid.It was wonderful to be a part of the trial. I received good instruction and the product was simple to use. I did not experience anything negative with the entire process or the product.

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Nick R. June 6, 2022


Unfortunately I saw almost no effect from this whatsoever.The science made sense. The results were underwhelming. Still grateful to have tried it.

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Deborah H. January 17, 2024

wonderful discovery

Looking for forward to the long term benefits.

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Connor T. June 2, 2023

Bye bye senescent cells

Peace dudes.. it’s been fun. I just prefer the vibrant, living cells.

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