Janice L. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

17 days ago

Import duties

Was wondering why Spermidine is not in the mix? Dosing the first two days of each month/ see what happens

Neurohacker Collective
Our Qualia Life formulation contains Spermidine as we agree Spermidine has been shown to help enhance aging, and prolong lifespan. With Qualia Senolytic we focused on the nine plant extracts, seven of which we consider to be senolytics and two others we’d categorize as being senolytic complements (or potential. senolytics). Senescent cells are an example of complexity science; they use networks of cellular pathways (usually abbreviated as SCAPs) to resist being “pruned” away. But they can also use non-SCAP mechanisms—senescent cells are diverse and don’t all use identical survival strategies. And, some senolytic compounds appear to be more active in some tissues (and less active in others). Because of these interacting factors, Qualia Senolytic took a complex systems approach to managing senescent cells, selecting ingredients to address varying SCAP mechanisms (such as Fisetin and Quercetin), ingredients to complement them (such as milk thistle and soybean seed extracts), and ingredients for non-SCAP mechanisms (such as Piperlongumine) to holistically support managing senescent cells in a variety of tissues.

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Zach O. August 15, 2023

Hard To Say...But I'm Intrigued By the Science

I don't know. Based on the science, I'm willing to give it a shot. I have felt some "detox" symptoms when I've taken it, which may or may not be related to the product. I can't afford to take it every month so I expect my results will be milder than most anyway. All the same, I like neurohacker a...

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Ralph G. June 30, 2023

Great Product

I felt great taking the product and notice a different in my energy. Really great product, gonna be getting more.

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Kylan W. May 3, 2023


This product seems to work really well. Rejuvenating Quality, science backed ingredients for cell renewal. Thanks again, Qualia!

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Martie N. June 9, 2022

Another wonderful potion!

I really believe I felt better, and slept very well. I’ll be taking this supplement monthly as recommended. Great quality product, thanks Neurohacket for keeping me up to date… Always so professional and informative

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