jonathan w. reviewed Qualia Mind

13 days ago

improved focus, clarity, energy and mood

After taking 4 capsules daily for about 1 month, I can happily report that I have experienced improvements in my ability to focus, mental clarity, general energy levels and mood. While I would not say that I am necessarily more productive in my work, I am certainly less avoidant of simple tasks in my work and domestic life, which absolutely improves my overall quality of life, and helps me to feel grounded, capable and at ease. Previous to taking Qualia Mind, I was very easily distracted and my willingness to carry out basic tasks like admin, cleaning, cooking, laundry, even showering was sporadic—sometimes I would be in a good flow, but most of the time not. For me, Qualia seems to help to establish a continuous baseline of functionality upon which I am more able to make progress with more complex or multifaceted projects. I also notice that I feel much more articulate and confident speaking publicly or with clients 1-1, which is a real relief. I would recommend it for anyone who feels that there attention is scattered or that they don't have control over the basic functioning of their mind, as well as anyone who feels apathetic and would like to have more drive and clarity of purpose, as well as the cognitive function needed to back it up.

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