Jonathan W. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

8 months ago

Interesting qualitative effects

Didn't notice much except for the fact that my 4 year old came down with a fever on the day of the second dose...and although I felt like I might come down with it myself while sleeping that night, I did not. Not sure if this can be attributed to the supplement but it is possible. Also, on the night after the first dose, I noticed the skin on my hands felt smoother than usual.

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Ken M. April 25, 2023


Having to take the product only 2 days per month is extremely convenient. Such a low-effort design makes it incredibly easy to make a foundational change that can lead to increased efficiencies down the road.

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JaniceEllen P. January 28, 2024

Satisfied customer

Thank you!

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dan w. June 10, 2022

senolytic beta test

i didn't really notice any effects.maybe after a few doses good packaging,fast service

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John Stephen T. June 2, 2022

Too soon to tell

Did not really notice any effect yet.The service to try it is great, the packaging is very nice and the science is very well researched. Perhaps continued use would demonstrate its effects better.

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