Kyle P. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 2 years ago

It might be working

It's very difficult to differentiate self awareness and the benefits of qualia, although it does seem to adjust my focus into a more optimal state. I'd like to fix where my life's hindering, and I've been trying to take in more knowledge for the best possible position in jobs, wisdom, application, and determination. I feel that my thoughts have been distant for a while, and I'm slowly realizing every minute that passes that is wasted... It makes me dislike time and how little is projected into our lives. I've been watching Jordan Peterson, and I still don't know how to take every step faster (even realizing time doesn't exist and the next step is stressless)

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Hunter D. February 14, 2018

Feeling Motivated!

I've been using Qualia for 3 months. Every day I wake up feeling alert, focused and motivated - something I haven't felt in a while. I have been working a desk job for 10 years, but Qualia has given me that push to finally pursue a career that makes me happy. In January, I got my CrossFit Level ...

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Ahmad H. January 31, 2018

The bind to all ingredients of success

Currently on my second week taking Qualia.. I have only been taking the lowest dosage ((1) Step One (2) Step Two) because I already run at a pretty fast pace and was concerned about difficulty sleeping. I haven't had any difficulty getting a good night's rest, actually falling in deeper sleep tha...

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Allen E. December 29, 2017



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Cody S. February 5, 2018

The Significance of Qualia

I've been taking Qualia for about 3 months now and since then I've noticed an significant increase in my mental capacity and ability to focus/hold multiple ideas/thoughts at once and make connections that I'd never made before. I'll get into flow states where ideas and thoughts will just start f...

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