HUGO H. reviewed Qualia Resilience

4 months ago

Just amazing...

My girlfriend has been using qualia products for a while. Christmas 2023 she gave me the little bottle of Resilience+ the big bottle of Mind capsules... This has been my experience... I took 4 of the mind capsules just before walking up a fell near the lake district UK. Within a few minutes my mind became really focused, relaxed, sharp and just felt very "in the moment". I could sense myself walking up the steep hill effortlessly... Genuinely effortlessly. Less tired and truly mentally focused. I sense a gentle uplifting feeling of spirit when I take these... Never jarring but graceful, positive energy. They halp me to feel more assertive, focused and on top of things. I had not heard of Qualia before my girlfriend introduced me to them. Now I am smitten with this company. I do not say this to please anyone. I say it because I belive in them And I'm sincere about how good they make me feel. My experience of taking the Resilience capsules has also been brilliant... The first day was certainly interesting! Unexpectedly I had a feeling of increased arousedness... This settled on the second day. Over the 5 day course of taking them for the first week I became incredibly calm.... I now take them before bedtime and feel myself gently relaxed into a deep healthy sleep. This has been my experience of two Qualia products and I love them. I would not want to be without them in my life now if I'm honest. I really believe in the quality of this company. As I have said no one has asked me to wrote this review. I write it as I believe in the product and it is beneficial to my life now and those I know who also use the product. I find it magical and this is my experience. And thank you....

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Lisa K. July 14, 2022

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Noticeably increased my energy, which increased my productivity overall. Was better able to manage daily stressors and stay motivated and focused on tasks.

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Derek C. July 14, 2022


Love the product. Felt more relaxed during the day and took some doses at night to help with sleep.

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Michael D. February 17, 2022

Subtle but works wonders

The period of time I tried this product was the most difficult period of my life. While effects weren’t noticeable in the short term, I felt like I handled the tremendous amount of stress that came my way significantly better than expected and I attribute that to this product. Keep up the good w...

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Pamela S. July 24, 2022


I was grieving the loss of a loved one when I was taking Resilience and it kept me calm and steady as I moved through these emotions.

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