Douglyss G. reviewed Qualia Mind

6 months ago

Just Wow

I was skeptical that a pill could really have such an impact, but wow! I have been using Qualia Mind now for over 2 years and continue to be so happy with the product. It enables me to focus, think deep, and perform at my best.

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Jonathan . October 10, 2022

I love it!

Works as advertised. I think very clear and super focused. I love it!

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Carol C. June 15, 2022

5 stars

Keri C. September 4, 2018

Maximizing my productivity

I’m a middle-age woman on the cusp of menopause. I’ve optimized my nutrition. I have a mindfulness practice. I exercise (movement + HIIT). I take the steps to improve sleep. I spend my free time absorbing information on longevity and brain health. In the last few months, I’ve taken on one of t...

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Moody A. November 3, 2022

Great results

I have been taking Qualia Mind for a while. One of the clear and definite improvements I noticed was memory improvement. I am again able to remember passwords that I had to continually write down. Also, my short term memory has improved. I can keep in mind a string of digits for authentication t...

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