Colin D. reviewed Qualia Mind

4 months ago

Loving It

I just started Qualia Mind but I feel the positive effects already. More focused for a longer period of time.

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Lacey R. August 6, 2022

5 stars

Matthew R. October 31, 2021

Benefits grow over time

I’ve stuck with taking Qualia mind for a few months and then stopped. While I didn’t notice the benefits initially when I stopped, the missing part of my routine became obvious very quickly. Qualia mind and night are now part of my permanent daily protocol.

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Jonathan L. September 11, 2022

N of 1 test commenced!

Just a note to say their shipping was faster than expected! I literally ordered this maybe a day and half ago. Super excited to try this - their formulations are well known. Try to buy it all separately and you’d spend much much more!

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Fen K. June 28, 2022

5 stars