Lee H. reviewed Qualia Life

about 3 years ago

Maintenance for my aging

As a longtime customer of Dave Asprey's recommendations and products I am honored to test Eternus. Dave has changed my life for the better and this product is an example. I began taking Eternus last Sunday, had a leg day in the gym, my hardest work out and woke up 2 hours earlier than normal on Monday feeling energetic. Loved it as I still got amazing sleep. Each day I took Eternus I had better, steadier energy along with focus. I noted each day on my calendar as better than the last for feeling competent. My planning capacity at work and endurance at the gym was amazing on Eternus. Thanks for the opportunity to improve myself yet again. BTW I took Eternus with my morning Bulletproof coffee containing fat and Innerfuel. Coffee is half an hour after waking.

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Manuel C. March 15, 2020


Definitely helping day by day manage my stress and I feel it working. Great energy through day. Only been taking it a month now, just waiting on my second bottle, which I understand it takes up to 2 or so months for full cell regeneration to show. Thank you guys. Great product.

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Carla M. September 26, 2018

Essentially it felt like I was firing on all cylinders when I was taking the product. And not just from my brain but my whole body. I have been so effective and efficient at work that if I end up with a nice raise I will have you to thank. I’ve already been receiving great recognition in the last...

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Kylan W. October 30, 2021

4 stars

Robert D. September 23, 2018

The first day I took this product, I noticed more energy. It felt like a smooth, constant supply of energy, subtle but noticeable.

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