Lee H. reviewed Qualia Life

almost 2 years ago

Maintenance for my aging

As a longtime customer of Dave Asprey's recommendations and products I am honored to test Eternus. Dave has changed my life for the better and this product is an example. I began taking Eternus last Sunday, had a leg day in the gym, my hardest work out and woke up 2 hours earlier than normal on Monday feeling energetic. Loved it as I still got amazing sleep. Each day I took Eternus I had better, steadier energy along with focus. I noted each day on my calendar as better than the last for feeling competent. My planning capacity at work and endurance at the gym was amazing on Eternus. Thanks for the opportunity to improve myself yet again. BTW I took Eternus with my morning Bulletproof coffee containing fat and Innerfuel. Coffee is half an hour after waking.

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Terry F. October 24, 2019

Had to start eternus out slow but it is actually starting to work good for me now. My goal is to stabilize on a dose that is right for me and then slowly incorporate qualia mind with it. I am satisfied so far but need to take it slow on finding a dose for me because of the way my mind operates.

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David C. September 28, 2020

Eternus review

I felt similarities between this and Qualia Mind. Mental acuity and clarity.

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kim r. January 17, 2021

Eternus experience

felt more energy ... was able to focus better and settle down for longer periods of productive work.

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Leah H. August 31, 2020

The only problem I have

The hardest part I have is taking 8 a day. It works well but long term this is not sustainable for me.

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