Luke M. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

10 months ago


After taking the product for three days in a row I felt a minimal amount of change in my energy and mental focus

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Kyle R. February 13, 2020

Great Energy Drink

This really is a great energy drink. It provides a very lucid burst of energy with some nice similarities to Qualia, but much shorter lasting. Some other energy drinks I've had can become kind of unpleasant, but this one was wonderful. The taste is not good, but I'm not a fan of other energy drin...

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Kyle B. February 12, 2021

A new outlook!!

Using this product absolutely increased my overall motivation, energy, cognition, focus, as well as bringing more positive outlook and joy to all I’m engaged with!

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Roy B. February 15, 2021

Adds an edge but perhaps not enough to earn a permanent placement in my stack

Overall my experience with the product has been good, although I cannot say that I felt a strong effect in terms of alertness, energy or ability to focus vs. my baseline (i.e. I usually don't have an issue on this front). I took the shots on days I had to do concentrated work over sustained amou...

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Shawn W. October 23, 2019

Solid performance for those looking for more than caffeine

Solid. Much better than these caffeine and flavor products. Could taste a bit better. But honestly it tells me it's loaded with real herbs and nutrients. Which again sets it apart.

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