Randolph H. reviewed Qualia Focus

10 months ago


Doesn't work and they made it difficult to cancel the subscription until I acted like I wanted to try a new product and finally got logged in and canceled my subscription after 4 months! The bottles just sit in my drawer. I let friends try them but they don't notice anything either. Just save your money

Neurohacker Collective
The customer support staff responded to Randolph's email in May, in which we canceled his subscription and voided the renewal order per his request.

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Cristen M. August 20, 2021

Calm, Focused, & Productive

I am loving Qualia Mind and the clam, productive focus I now have. I take Qualia Mind with breakfast Monday - Friday, as I have found that helps keep me super focused on the task at hand, making my days a lot more productive. I don't physically feel any different, my brain just works more efficie...

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Edward H. February 11, 2022

Helped my focus, just what i was looking for!

I'd been taking Mind Essential, but found Focus somewhat better on my stomach and seemed to give me more focus, just what I was looking for! Other factors like sleep and schedule come into play, but overall my experience was good. I might well keeping taking and recommend anyone needing better fo...

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Jordan F. August 18, 2021

Focus without being wired

Not as much energy as with other products, but that is good in a way. Great focus, but doesn't keep you up so you also have to have a good sleep habit.

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Jeremiah H. January 21, 2024

A better me

I started off skeptical when starting my subscription. Didn’t know if it’ll actually make a difference but two months in I became sharper, more confident and attentive than I’ve ever been. Recently got a promotion at my job and this product was definitely a factor in the production necessary for ...

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